The Social Entrepreneur and Her $100 Million Bond

Episode 162 February 10, 2021 01:02:04
The Social Entrepreneur and Her $100 Million Bond
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The Social Entrepreneur and Her $100 Million Bond

Show Notes

At this moment, Michelle Corson, Founder and CEO of On The Road Companies, has a current initiative to raise capital for her existing operation. The initiative is called The Sustainability Bond Issuance Framework and seeks to greenify On The Road Companies by raising $100 million through the bond market. Tune in to hear this social entrepreneur on how she has built her company brick by brick.

About Michelle
After a successful career in finance and development, Michelle founded Champion Impact Capital in 2011 to encourage impact investing in Texas, bringing capital markets dollars to scale solutions for community needs.

Champion has led ideation on projects using various creative financial tools such as social impact bonds, green bonds, social purpose private equity funds, ESG investments, and social purpose REITs.

Michelle founded On the Road Companies to empower working Americans to have the opportunity to take the best jobs available to them with dignity and create a prosperity movement that will propel our country and its citizens to achieve their dreams and live their best lives.


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