On Bob Woodward, Franchise Business Model vs Franchise Law feat. Rhett Ricart

Episode 167 March 24, 2021 01:26:12
On Bob Woodward, Franchise Business Model vs Franchise Law feat. Rhett Ricart
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On Bob Woodward, Franchise Business Model vs Franchise Law feat. Rhett Ricart

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Rhett Ricart is the Dealer Principal of Ricart Automotive Group based in Columbus Ohio. In episode #167, Ricart shares more behind the scences insight into his interview with Bob Woodward. Additionally, the outspoken Ricart is never one to back down from introducing "tension into the system." Dennis and Rhett get into a lively discussion regarding how the franchise business model is limited-bound due to franchise law.


About Rhett Ricart

Rhett Ricart is CEO and owner of Ricart Automotive Group, in Columbus, Ohio. Ricart Ford was founded in June 1953, by his father, Paul Ricart Sr. It was his father's philosophy that in order to lead, you have to work alongside the employees first so he started out washing cars and worked in every aspect of the business.

In 1982, Rhett and his brother, Fred, assumed ownership of the dealership. Today, they employ more than 500 and annually sell approximately 14,000 new and used vehicles across six new product lines. Ricart was the 2020 chairman of the National Automobile Dealers Association and represents Ohio's franchised new-car dealers on the board of directors.


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