A Naval Officer's Car-Buying Story

Episode 132 July 25, 2020 00:24:28
A Naval Officer's Car-Buying Story
Wisco Weekly by 24Hour Journal
A Naval Officer's Car-Buying Story

Show Notes

Meet Joseph the Naval Officer who is in the market for the first time to buy a car.


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Episode #203 features Patrice Onwuka.   Patrice Onwuka is a Senior Policy Analyst at Independent Women’s Voice and Director of the Center for Economic Opportunity at the Independent Women’s Forum. Onwuka has worked in the advocacy and communications fields for more than a decade. Prior to joining IWV, Onwuka served as national spokeswoman and communications director at Generation Opportunity, and worked at The Philanthropy Roundtable and the Fund for American Studies in policy and media roles. She also held consulting roles as a speech writer for a United Nations spokesman and a manager for a student travel program to South Africa.   Born in the Caribbean, Patrice immigrated with her family to Boston where she grew up and completed her education. She earned her bachelor’s degree in economics and political science from Tufts University and a master’s degree in international relations from Boston College. Patrice’s unique background fuels her passion to defend freedom and faith in America. *****  Episode Notes Indepedent Women's Voice  |  https://www.iwv.org/ Independent Women's Forum  |  https://www.iwf.org/ State Policy Work  |  https://spn.org/ ***** Follow Wisco's Virtual Fund Dedicated Lane© Automobility-Infrastructure Fund: FDX | UPS | URI | KMX | RIVN | PAG | BWA | DASH | TSP | CHPT | CVNA | AN | LAD | TSLA | FSR | KNX Dedicated Lane© Finance-Technology Fund: BAC | JPM | AVGO | INTC | NVDA | TSM | BLK | SPOT | SQ | ALLY | PYPL ***** Wisco Weekly is a business education podcast, and is part of the 'Not Your Father's Economy' podcast channel on Apple Podcasts. Host, Dennis Wisco, shares weekly insights into current economic conditions like navigating this post-COVID economy. For bonus, ad-free episodes that deliver actionable insights, become a paid-NYFE subscriber for $8.49 a month or ...


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Mini Series Description Prior to the pandemic, Car Dealer Principals had adopted the behavior and language of using data to make decisions. At conference after conference, many Dealer Principals spoke of their successes that were due to making data-driven decisions. In making data-driven decisions, Dealer Principals were supposedly letting the data drive their decisions to achieve better predictability over their business outcomes. As businesses were coming out of the stay-at-home orders, car dealers had a rude awakening. The sales side of their operations was deemed non-essential. State and national dealer organizations scrambled to communicate with elected officials to allow car dealers to resume selling cars. The patience of dealers and the work of dealer organizations paid off. Just a short time later, the issue was resolved, and dealers could sell cars again. As the dust settled for Dealer Principals, who resumed operations safely with social distancing and home deliveries, most of these dealers made a completely non-data-driven decision. Eighty-eight percent of all car dealerships accepted Paycheck Protection Program funds to save their businesses. How could have so many Dealer Principals accepted Paycheck Protection Program funds if they were making data-driven decisions? Because they could not predict their next paycheck. Predicting The Next Paycheck is a three-part podcast miniseries assessing the behaviors of Car Dealers and their data-inspired decisions. Featured in this miniseries are business executives who operate in the automotive data science space.   **********  This podcast mini series is brought to you by automotiveMastermind.automotiveMastermind is a leading provider of predictive analytics and marketing automation solutions for the automotive industry. The company's sales and marketing platform, called Mastermind, empowers dealers to close ...