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  1. Chris Cargill | Free Markets Destroy

      EPISODE NOTES Free Markets Destroy celebrates the power of free markets to tackle humanity's most daunting challenges. The world isn't perfect, but it's getting better very day thanks to entrepreneurs who work tirelessly to deliver life-changing innovations. Be a part of ...


  2. Mariya Frost | Washington Policy Center

    EPISODE NOTES Book Gridlock: Why We're Stuck In Traffic And What To Do About It by Randal O'Toole Passage 1: Smart growth is based on the premise that Americans need to drive less to reduce congestion, energy consumption, and environmental impacts. To reduce driving, ...


  3. What Would You Like to Accomplish With Your Money

    The question you haven't asked yourself.   Related episodes If Google Ran My Dealership $CVNA Only Goes up A Guide for Daughters in Automotive Vetting a Tech Partner   Notes  |  Resources Zoom Bomb every Wednesday 8am - 9am PST  |  Zoom Honda of Downtown Los Angeles  |  Web Brandon Stevens Motors  |  Web   ***** ...


  4. Vetting a Tech Partner feat. Joseph Kacala

    During this COVID-19 pandemic, it is more than normal for small businesses to experience a host of problems. These problems are segmented into two categories -- personal and professional. For instance, there may be personal problems affecting employees that in turn affect the business operation, and there are professional problems ...


  5. Mother Daughter Car Buying Concerns

    Meet Nakea and her mother, Mrs. Tyson, as they share their concerns on buying a car.   Check out Nakea's podcast, FearlessKea on Apple Podcasts. Related Episodes A Guide for Daughters in Automotive The Mentor-Mentee Relationship Cupholder Car Review Sports Cars for Dads   ***** Wisco Weekly ***** New Business Models for the Mobility of ...