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  1. The Used Car Salesman to the World feat. Dan Oscarson

    Dan Oscarson is the Vice President of Global Business Development for IAA, Inc. (NYSE: IAA). In his role, he travels to explore new market opportunities for the export-import of US vehicles to countries like United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Belarus, Honduras, Ghana, Nigeria, to name a few. Tune in to hear ...


  2. Invest in Community, and Honor Thy Mother feat. Kelley LaFontaine

    Kelley LaFontaine is the Vice President of LaFontaine Automotive Group, and an active investor in her community. Whether it is supporting cancer research to helping small businesses, Kelley shares her recipe on why it's important to be actively involved in your community and how she does it.   About Kelley LaFontaine ...


  3. Xos Trucks SPAC Offering, and Worst Month End to Stock Market

    To end the month of February, host Dennis Wisco shares some insight into the latest transportation company to declare their intentions to go public via a Special Purpose Acqusition Company (SPAC). Xos Trucks is a leading commercial electric vehicle OEM and they will be merging with NextGen Acquisition Corp (Nasdaq: ...


  4. Business Insights and Strategies from NADA 2021 feat. Randy Kobat

    Senior Vice President of Operations at vAuto, Randy Kobat guests on episode #163 of Wisco Weekly which recaps and analyzes NADA 2021. Randy and Dennis weigh in on the franchise business model versus franchise law, discuss if business schools are meeting the needs of the automotive industry, and Randy shares ...


  5. The Social Entrepreneur and Her $100 Million Bond

    At this moment, Michelle Corson, Founder and CEO of On The Road Companies, has a current initiative to raise capital for her existing operation. The initiative is called The Sustainability Bond Issuance Framework and seeks to greenify On The Road Companies by raising $100 million through the bond market. Tune ...