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  1. To Regulate or Not To Regulate SPACs with Jennifer Schulp

    Special Purpose Acquisition Companies, or SPACs, have been a hot ticket item for private companies to go public since 2019. Three hundred deals have been completed totaling $540 billion. This type of activity has triggered SEC Chair, Gary Gensler, to scrutinize these deals and propose new recommendations as a way ...


  2. What Is Not Affected by the Fed Rate Hikes in 2022

    To conclude this calendar year, the Federal Open Market Committee held their last meeting to discuss the economic recovery, their plans for tapering and interest rate hikes, and answer all media questions. In episode #199, the listeners can recap this meeting and properly plan their personal and business finances into ...


  3. From Communism to ESGs with Austin Prochko

    "Communism, in all its forms, misleads, divides, and destroys." - Austin Prochko Oral tradition is a lost art, which is why it's important to bring forth the voices that still honor this tradition. In episode #198, Austin Prochko shares his grandmother's Communist stories that not only impact him personally, but how ...


  4. Review of the 2021 LA EV Show with Joseph Mitchell and Ron Iacobelli

    With the conclusion of the 2021 Los Angeles Auto Show, let's revisit it and review the electric side of things. Included in this two-part episode is an interview with Phoenix Motors and Edison Future's CEO, Joseph Mitchell, and their CTO, Ron Iacobelli.  In the second part of the episode, Dennis compares ...


  5. The $850 Billion Market Opportunity with Steven Hornyak

    Born out of GM's Global Innovation organization, BrightDrop aims to change how the world moves goods while helping improve our environment to sustain the places in which we live, work and play. Heading their sales and marketing strategy is Chief Revenue Officer, Steven Hornyak, who Zooms with Dennis to discuss ...