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  1. The $850 Billion Market Opportunity with Steven Hornyak

    Born out of GM's Global Innovation organization, BrightDrop aims to change how the world moves goods while helping improve our environment to sustain the places in which we live, work and play. Heading their sales and marketing strategy is Chief Revenue Officer, Steven Hornyak, who Zooms with Dennis to discuss ...


  2. What Drives You with Elizabeth Kalaj

    Episode #195 is taken from a recording conducted with Elizabeth Kalaj, Senior Dealer Relations Manager at automotiveMastermind.  Learn more about Elizabeth Kalaj by tuning into Predicting the Next Paycheck mini series. Available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and other popular podcast apps. ***** Episode Notes   > Predicting the Next Paycheck |  https://tinyurl.com/25yy49pt > Elizabeth Kalaj  ...


  3. Q3 Earnings in Review

    In episode #194, Dennis Wisco provides a review of Q3 earnings and an economic outlook. Discussed in this episode are earnings from Lithia (LAD), AutoNation (AN), Penske (PAG), Ford (F), Carvana (CVNA), and a recap of Jerome Powell's press conference from the November FOMC meeting. ***** Episode Notes   > Lithia Q3 ...


  4. Mechanic Culture to Rivian's Toxic Bro Culture with Jay Goninen

    From wages to skills to diversity, equity, and inclusion, Jay Goninen and Wisco discuss into many facets that affect the mechanic culture. Topics: - Are mechanics proactively learning electrical and computer engineering?- Are wage rates being passed down to customers?- Is there really no equality in the automotive space?- ...


  5. What Penske Automotive Group Does Better Than Lithia Motors with Ali Fawaz

    Penske Automotive Group ($PAG) topped the 2021 Reputation.com Automotive Reputation Report while Lithia Motors ($LAD) came in near the bottom. The Automotive Reputation Report measures online customer sentiment, and is updated annually. Managing Director, Head of Automotive Strategy at Reputation.com, Ali Fawaz joins Dennis Wisco to share more about the ...