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  1. Looking for a deal? Buy Private Party.

    Forty million cars are bought-and-sold through privaty party transactions annually. With new vehicle shortages and inflated used car prices, the deals are with the Private Parties.   Notes  |  Resources Featured Artist: Don't Feel featuring Danny Polo and Arose by Ryan Prewett |  Spotify   ***** Wisco Weekly *****By Automotive Executives, ...


  2. Questions. Answered. May 26, 2021

    In episode #179, I share answers to some of the most popular questions I am often asked: Buy a car, Lease a car, or Rent a car? How do I know if this is a good used car? What should I do if I have a lemon? Is cryptocurrency a good investment? Why should I ...


  3. Permission to ride eBike, Sir!

    Since the pandemic, eBikes sales have exploded with 3.8 million units sold in 2020, a 23% increase year over year. With more eBikers on the roads and the trails, there is also more novice riders who are unfamiliar with the 'rules of the road' and 'biking etiquette.'    eBikers can know the ...


  4. Inflation: From Mary Barra to MMT

    For the last week, markets are undergoing something that surpasses that of a "correction." Inflation. Is. The. Talk. Of. The. Town.   While prices on goods are going up and supply bottlenecks are being formed, the market is having a severe allergic reaction to the inflation media hype. This inflation hysteria was ...


  5. Farewell V12, V10, V8 (RACE Earnings Call)

    Ferrrari (NYSE: RACE) reported Quarter 1 earnings for 2021 on Tuesday, May 4th. While the launch of 15 Ferrari models over the next two years will not be disrupted due to the pandemic, they face a bigger competitor which affects their long-term value. Current Chairman and Interim CEO, John Elkann, ...